How do you decide which part I will sing?

On your first visit, you will be “voice placed” to find out which part will be best for your voice. You will be asked to sing something simple for one or two of our directing team members in a separate room from the chorus. After discussing the qualities of your voice and your musical experience the director will recommend a part suited to your voice.


Do I have to read music to become a Sweet Adeline?

No. About half of our singers read music. Most of us rely primarily on downloaded music files along to learn new pieces and when practicing on our own.


Will I have to audition?

We have a qualifying procedure. You will be given music and learning tracks for one song and then after you've attended at least three rehearsals you will be asked to submit recording (s) of the song to the mucic team and/or sing as part of a quartet. You will need to sing your part while the other three singers sing their parts. The goal is to be able to hold your part while the other three people sing theirs. Qualifying steps are held in a closed area away from the rest of the chorus.


How much time will it take? 

In addition to weekly rehearsals, members are expected to practice the music at home.  Throughout the year there are occasional extra coaching sessions. As a member of Sweet Adelines, we travel to a Western Canada Regional competition at least once every three years. This will involve some travel time and a weekend away from home. We perform for local events at various times during the year as opportunity arises. Each member chooses how involved she wants to be.


How are the dues spent? 

Dues go towards International and Regional fees, rehearsal hall rental, music, musical equipment, costumes, insurance and education. 


What is the best thing about being a Sweet Adeline?

In addition to becoming a better singer you will make new friends of all ages. You will also have an opportunity to learn about choreography, performance make-up, and costumes. There are many venues for personal growth in the areas of leadership, reading music, directing, choreography, marketing etc.








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