Associate Director

Shortly after Elaine moved back to Lethbridge in 1997, she saw a photo in the newspaper of 2 gorgeous women with great expressive faces in an article about a women’s singing group. She came, she loved what she saw, and she joined. As a bass, Elaine had finally found a place to sing. As a teenager, Elaine sang with the junior girls’ choir in the Warner church and had studied piano and trombone as a youth. While she was active in community theatre and clowning over the years, her music had been set aside except for playing the ukulele in clowning performances. Since joining Southern Accord Chorus, Elaine has attended most regional and international educational events to build her knowledge and skills. In February 2010, she also completed the SAI Director Certification Program. Currently, she is an Assistant Director, Bass Section Leader, past board member for the chorus. Elaine is also a member of the Canadian Maple Leaf Region 26 Management Team serving as Regional Membership Coordinator.

Photo by Tony Kok

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