Voices In Harmony

Voices in Harmony / Awaken the music within

Southern Accord Chorus membership is composed of women from several locations in Southern Alberta and includes a wide range of ages and backgrounds.The musical experience of our members  is diverse with some formally trained singers and others who come to us without formal training but with a love of singing and performing. 

With the support of Sweet Adelines International, we build our music and performance skills.  Membership in Southern Accord Chorus makes life busy and fun.  At weekly rehearsals, we exercise our voices, learn new songs and we learn to support our musical performances with choreography.

Southern Accord Chorus performs a wide range of a cappella music, from modern to swing, gospel to rock, and even seasonal offerings in addition to traditional barbershop arrangements.  We create and produce our own shows, and welcome opportunities to perform at a variety of community events and venues. 


Southern Accord Chorus is very fortunate to have a talented musical team leading us!  They "Harmonize" our world.  Our Director, Betty Baldwin, and Assistant Directors, Jill McLeod and Elaine Liebelt, came to us with excellent musical backgrounds and have developed their barbershop and leadership skills through the Director Certification Program of Sweet Adelines International. Our choreographer, Linda Cavanaugh, designs and teaches performance skills and choreography to enhance our music.  Section Leaders, Jill, Elaine, Linda, Michele and Barb work with the members to develop vocal unity within the sections.


Southern Accord Chorus is a confident, well-rehearsed vocal performance group that strives for excellence in four-part harmony by offering music education for vocal skill development.  We contribute to our community through public performances.


The motto of the organization is Harmonize the World and a major goal is music education.  Members of Sweet Adelines learn music and vocal production.  Instruction is also provided about choreography, stage production, costuming, makeup and much more.  Workshops, coaching and seminars are offered locally, as well as within our region, Canadian Maple Leaf Region 26 at www.region26.ca and through Sweet Adelines International at  https://sweetadelines.com/. Training and certification programs are available in the area of directing, arranging, judging, teaching (faculty), personal growth and leadership.

Members of Sweet Adelines International share fun social activities, an enlarged circle of friends and exciting performance opportunities.  Discover why over 30,000 women around the world are singing the praises of Sweet Adelines International. 

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